the World Kite Festival The natural beauty of sand dunes against the Sea of Japan set the
scene of Uchinada's largest event, the World Kite Festival, which
each year draws a brilliant, bustling international crowd. Local
residents also organize several cultural and recreational events
throughout the year. These events strive to build a sense of love
for the community in both residents and visitors alike. Uchinada is
also host to several public parks and facilities, such as Uchinada
General Park, that accentuate the area's natural beauty while acting
as places forrest and relaxation, drawing in a numberfamilies on
weekends and holidays.

the Sakyu-Festival

Uchinada's "Sunset Bridge"and "Sunset Wing"

Sunset Bridge The elegant shape of the suspension bridge and the soaring presence of its neighboring wind turbine serve as symbols for the town of Uchinada. Their nightly illumination changes colors with the season, surrounding thebridge in a romantic atmosphere.

Sunset Wing

Uchinada General Park

the giant pirate ship playground Along with a variety of sports facilities, such as tennis courts, baseball and ground-golf fields, and a heated pool, the park's giant pirate ship playground, barbeque pits, and observation tower make this one of the most popular spots in town.

baseball fields

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park Gigantic dinosaurs suddenly appear from nowhere in this quiet neighborhood. Dinosaur Park, with its field athletics, open grassy areas and wading pools, bustles with parents and children during weekends and holidays.

Forest Promenade

Forest Promenade Each May, this 2.2-kilometer promenade becomes a unique walking path, abounding with the sweet fragrance of blooming acacia trees. The promenade plays host to the Acacia Romantic Festival, held each spring.