Town Logo

the Japanese character u
the Japanese character
Town Logo
Town Logo
Uchinada's town logo is a stylized version of
the Japanese character "u" (う)
representing the town's name; its circular
shape symbolizes a single ring of
connectedness in the community, as well as
the town's progress into the future.

Town Tree

Black Pine
Black Pine As a town built upon dunes, windblown sand in Uchinada
was once a major source of distress. Black pines serve as
a protective wall against these sand storms; their evergreen
nature, survival power and toughness fill us with a sense of
courage and endurance.

Town Bird

Falcon The falcon, which makes its home in the areas surrounding
the Kahoku Lagoon, is said to be valiant and wise. The
falcon's figure mid-flight symbolizes the town's rapid
progress into the future.

Town Flower

Japanese Rose(Rugosa)
Japanese Rose(Rugosa) While the rose may seem beautiful and elegant as it wafts
its modest fragrance through the air, it also possesses traits
of endurance and strength through severe conditions; it shares
with us its sense of warmth and gentleness.