parenting support center Uchinada has committed to the support of child-raising
by establishing an infant healthcare cost subsidy system
and parenting support center, providing playgrounds for
babies and infants, as well as acting as a place where
parents can exchange parenting information. Additionally,
the town's Healthcare Center offers comprehensive advice
and support for senior citizens, acting as a center for
the advancement of various health and wellness issues
in the community.

Uchinada, Home to Kanazawa Medical University

Kanazawa Medical University Kanazawa Medical University makes a major contribution
to the local community through its commitment to
cutting-edge medical research, educational services,
and medical treatment. Its hospital boasts the leading
number of beds on the Japan Sea coast. In 2006, the
town and university concluded a cooperative agreement
to share personnel and facilities in order to further
improve the medical care services, health and well-being
of the community.

A Town of Lifelong Learning

Hamanasu-daigaku In 1998, the town council, government, and members of
the community voted to declare Uchinada "a town of
lifelong learning." Uchinada promotes schooling,
education and lifelong learning opportunities by
sponsoring facilities and classes aimed at people
of all stages of life.